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How often do you take advantage of digital refunds on Steam and other marketplaces?

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Steam and some other marketplaces will allow you to do a refund on digital games purchases, so long as you don't go over 2 hours of playtime (with Steam). I know Xbox and Sony offer refunds, but I don't know if there's a similar time limit. Anyway, I wanted to ask how many games have you gotten refunded through steam and other platforms? How was the refund process? 

I haven't refunded many games. There have been some games I didn't like and played only a short amount of time, and I probably am in the window to refund. But most games that are cheap I just don't bother. 

But, I do know people who will try a game out, and then will grab a refund anyway. A few friends of mine got the game raft, we played one weekend and they all got it refunded, while I decided to keep it. I'm pretty sure it was on a sale to. 

Do you do the refund process often? Or is it on rare occasions when a game is a real stinker? 

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Personally, I haven't requested for refund on many games digital games. This is because before I get any game to play, I take time to do so. By then, it's going to be clear if there's any issues with the game for me to stay off the game. 

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