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Samsung making their own video game controllers with PDP

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Samsung is working their way up to cloud gaming, and part of that is making their own controller, well not exactly. Samsung will be teaming up with other controller makers to make Samsung branded controllers. They will be working with PDP (Performance Designed Products), which are known for their controllers. I have a few Xbox Controllers by them and they are pretty decent in terms of cheap controllers. The new one from Samsung & PDP is said to be going for $49.99. That's a decent price considering a new Xbox or PS5 controller will cost you around $55-$60 or more. 

These new controllers are meant for Samsung tvs though, as they're trying to build on their cloud gaming. But, I'm willing to bet these controllers will work on PC as well. 

More on this news can be found here - https://www.zdnet.com/home-and-office/home-entertainment/samsung-has-its-own-line-of-video-game-controllers-now-heres-the-first-model/

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Being a Samsung fan because I love their products so much more than I do any other electronic tech products, this is a very good news. I would definitely be looking forward to using this their brand of controller just to see what it feels like and if it becomes that good, then we are in on it 💯%. 

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