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Reality vs Adventure

How is your life any different from programmed artificial intelligence?

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We all grow up a certain way. How is your life not programmed? Have you ever done anything against the wishes of your peers? If you have, then that is a greater intelligence. That is what makes AI special. It makes it no better or less than the human brain. We can be programmed and we can think for ourselves. I put this in the gaming forum because I was inspired by the game Deus Ex Mankind Divided; just a nobody on the street that I heard talk had a piece of wisdom. We are all programmed. Fight against it. Think for yourselves. Be a true rebel, not a rebel that your peers are forcing on you. Think for yourself. That’s the whole basis of artificial intelligence and that’s the whole basis of human intellect. 

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Well, how my life isn’t different to AI is that it's not another human being that coded and programmed me in any way. I have my freewill to do anything I want and when I want it. This is the basis of being completely different from AI. 

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