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Footage leaks for Cancelled Call of Duty game "NX1" and Black Ops 4 "War" mode

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Source - https://mp1st.com/news/cancelled-call-of-duty-game-nx1-gameplay-footage-black-ops-4-war-mode-surface 

There was recently some video's that leaked showing off some gameplay from an untitled Call of Duty sequel that was supposed to release in 2010. It's simply codenamed NX1, and looks similar to Modern Warfare 2 & 3. But, it was cancelled and we got Call of Duty Ghosts instead. You can see the footage below for that. The article states that Neversoft were the ones developing it. I wonder how it would have been if they got to finish it. Maybe it would have been better than Ghosts. 



Another leak also showed a cut mode from Black Ops 4 called "War". You can view it in action below. 


I would have liked to see what NX1 had become. Ghosts gets a lot of flack for being one of the worst in the series, and I still enjoyed it somewhat. But yeah, would you have played NX1? What about the War mode for Blops 4?

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