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20 Amazing Games That Have Completely Disappeared From Storefronts

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Found here - https://culturedvultures.com/delisted-digital-games/

We really need game preservation for the games lost to publishing rights and deals not getting sorted. Or Copyrights not being renewed. This list shows off 20 games that are currently delisted from storefronts, and likely only available via physical copies, that is if you can find the lot of them. Some of the games on this list are starting rise in price due to these delistings. Looking at recent prices, for Spec-Ops the Line on the 360, I see it's been going for around $50 for the standard edition, but if you have the Premium edition of the game, I see sold listings for over $100. 

The list also has P.T. which makes sense, since the only way to get it now is to find a PS4 with it downloaded, and I remember people making tons on selling their PS4 consoles. 

But yeah, might be time to find some of these games physically while you can. I'm still on the lookout for a copy of Driver San Francisco. That's one I want to get my hands on as I never fully played it. Are there any games that should be added to this list? Do you own any or most of the games on the list? Whether it be physical or digital. 

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