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Worst experience with hackers and cheaters in games

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I'm sure a lot of us have dealt with hackers and cheaters in online multiplayer games over our years of gaming. I've encountered most hackers in the call of duty franchise. I think for me it was in Call of duty 4, on the 360. I was playing a game of team death match by myself. I ended up catching someone switching teams mid match. He would jump to the winning team each time. It's not possible to switch teams mid match in a public match. You can in a private match, but not public. He ended up on the winning team after switching yet again at the end of the match. I of course was arguing with this guy the whole way through, but he didn't give a shit. I know I reported him and that was that. I probably blocked him too so I didn't have to deal with him ever again. What kind of hackers and cheaters have you dealt with? Was it anything like this? Or maybe it was people cheating by getting into glitches and killing from some hidden spots, or under the map? 

What are your worst experiences with these cheaters and hackers? 

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I've encountered them in almost every multi-player game I've ever played. GTA online probably has the biggest issues when it comes to hackers in public lobbies. That's why I tend to play in private lobbies with friends nowadays.

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