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Remedy Takes Full Control of Control Franchise From 505 Games

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Remedy Games now fully owns Control, obtaining the franchise from 505 Games by spending $18 million to take back control of their franchise. What they get in the deal is ownership  and rights for Control, Control 2, and its multiplayer spinoff, Condor. This new deal also terminates their publishing deal with 505 games, so it's likely Remedy will take on the publishing for said games going forward as well. 

I like their choice in buying this franchise. I didn't play much of Control, but what I did play I really enjoyed. I'm getting a little hyped for the sequel now, even though not much on it is really know. And I'm interested in seeing what this Condor game turns out to be. 

Anyway, could Remedy one day take the Max Payne franchise back? Or do you think Rockstar will hold onto that forever? 

Source of story: https://mp1st.com/news/remedy-takes-full-control-of-control-franchise-from-505-games

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