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Online poker game suggestions

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Not for gambling purposes, just thought I'd get that out of the way.

My dad used to be into poker, but hasn't played it in a long time. I am not good at poker, know next to anything about it, but want to get him into online poker games. I'm thinking like those VR poker games, or just regular style poker you can play online. I'm leaning on PC, because I don't have an Xbone anymore so PC would be the best option. 

Do you have any suggestions for good online poker games? Are there any good ones that are free to play? 

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Be extremely careful with this kind of thing. Before you know it you might have lost everything. Playing this kind of thing online often leads to overconfidence, which leads to playing for money, which then leads to having lost everything you owned. Your house, your car, your partner, everything.

I would recommend staying the hell away from playing it online. Go to Walmart and pick up one of their $10 game discs that contains it, and play against the AI opponents.

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