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Chrono Odyssey - Upcoming Action MMORPG

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There is a new action MMORPG on the horizon with Chrono Odyssey from Npixel. It will release for the PC (Steam/Epic Games), PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. No mention of a release date yet, but I imagine it will be announced soon. Check out the trailer that was released during GDC, looks fairly decent, but the trailer is mostly cinematic, doesn't really show any gameplay. 

You can find out more on the game here as well - https://chronoodyssey.com/#/


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I'll admit, when I first heard of this, I thought Square-Enix was finally giving us a 3rd game in the Chrono series. Alas, It's not what I was hoping for. Game still looks interesting but I would've definitely used another name for it. 😛  It might be a game I wait for to go on sale and pick it up fairly cheap to give it a try.

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@Smokey has perfectly shown the issues with the name. It's like somebody just randomly picked out two overused gaming buzzwords to smash together. Why noy not "Shadow War" or "Origins Crusade".


I've got a similar complaint about the way the game looks. The graphics look great and it is actually very pretty, but design wise it looks like somebody was trying to check of a list of popular tropes. We got dragon things, zombie things, demon things, wolf things, spider things, shields and swords, bows and arrows, men's armour covering everything, woman's armour covering almost nothing, campfires, horses, castles, it has the lot! I'm reminded of just about everything from Warframe to Skyrim, Bloodborne, Black Desert, The Last of Us, Dragon's Dogma, this list goes on. Whilst those are good games, that is not a good thing for Chrono Odyssey. This feels like a game developed by committee more than creativity.


So it's clichéd in its name, it's clichéd in it's presentation, so I have no reason to believe it will be anything other than clichéd in every other way as well. And if this is FTP, then forget about it, it will be a greedy, soulless grind on top of all that.

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