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Neuralink Livestreams Paralyzed Patient Playing Video Games With His Mind

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I may not be a fan of Elon Musk, but this is at least some good news. The Neuralink brain chip that Musk has introduced has recently been tested on a patient who is completely paralyzed from the neck down. The chip has given him the ability to play some games, like Chess and even Civilization. This is awesome news, as it could mean disabled individuals might have more options. I can imagine how rewarding it must feel for someone who is paralyzed to be able to control something. Whether it be a video game, or to operate a TV, or other devices. This could also be good for people who can't speak, or are completely unresponsive. 

The man who had the Neuralink brain implant is Noland Arbaugh. He had a diving accident that resulted in him dislocating his C4-C5, which paralyzed from the neck down. So this could be another way for him to have some control in his life. He can still talk, but if this can result in playing video games and controlling other things that'd be awesome. It might get better over time to where he can control more advanced games. 

More on this story can be found here - https://gizmodo.com/neuralink-livestreams-paralyzed-patient-playing-video-g-1851354012


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That's all fine and dandy but what happens when they try to force this on normal people? Plus the Neuralink team isn't being totally honest because there have been stories of people dying due to this technology but they wouldn't reveal that.

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As much as I do think this is cool, I also have my worries about neuralink. It is a worry that they could one day force this on normal people who do not have disabilities and also what they could use it for on normal people or even on the disabled who have this. 

They are not being honest with us at all and that is very much a worry. 

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