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Resident Evil 9 could be open-world?

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Source - https://www.gamespot.com/articles/resident-evil-9-could-be-an-open-world-game-report/1100-6522123/

There are rumors about the next Resident Evil game, and it looks like it could turn out to be an open-world game. I don't know if I would be for an open world RE game, but I think it could work. A lot of the games have had decent sized levels, but I don't think any of them have gone full on open world just yet. Could an RE game work as an open world game? Supposedly the recent Dragon's Dogma 2 used the RE engine to handle the open world. They also say that the RE engine is being used for the Monster Hunter Wild game. 

I think it could work, what about you? 

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Put it this way, the only way I’ll ever play an RE game again is if it goes open world. For me, the series lost its baddangadang. RE7 was the last I played and it was really scary and no doubt I loved the horror. It was amazing. But where does RE go from that success? I will never sit through another RE game simply because of their run around puzzles. I’m done with it. I hate their puzzles. Not to diss RE, I’m dissing puzzles. It’s not for me. But Ironically, I played RE DLC where a prisoner was bed chained and the puzzle was how to escape. That was fucking amazing. But of course, it was DLC and not the main game. I guess I don’t really hate puzzles, I just hate useless puzzles which RE was always about. Open world it and see what happens. I would be more interested in that. And if you don’t, give us pure life or death puzzles like trying to escape a bed, being fed nasty soup, probably made of human remains. Yeah, if you don’t bring that kind of puzzle, then I’m done with you. 


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On 3/26/2024 at 7:33 PM, killamch89 said:

An open-world RE game could absolutely work. We have Dead By Daylight as a primary example. Days Gone is another example of a zombie-filled open-world game that was pretty successful.

Hmmm, do you think an open world RE would become Days Gone? I imagine an open world RE would be similar to the Evil Within series. Well, half open world I think. To test the waters. I highly doubt they will go full on open world. 

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Personally, I'm a long way from convinced this would work.  A player approaches an open world with ambition and a keenness to explore, not with the kind of apprehension and dread that one would associate with horror. Horror is told very much through the environment and that environment is meant to make you feel trapped and desperate.  An open world is all about empowerment and opportunity. It's meant to make the player feel important and powerful, not what one want's to feel in horror game.


To me, this more likely to work if Capcom focused less on the horror in this open world Resident Evil game and for the game to be like the more action orientated games in the series, like 4.  The obvious problem with that is that at least a significant portion of the fanbase would be put off by that after seen some great horror games and remasters from the series in recent years.  A Resident Evil open world has another more indigenous problem.  Unlike other companies like Ubisoft or Bethesda, Capcom isn't exactly known for it's open worlds.  When they have given it a go, it's been to mixed success. Sorry, but I do see Capcom making a mess of it, especially if they do try to squeeze the square block that is survival-horror into the round hole of an open world.



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Does anyone think they jumped the Neptune shark with the parasites, vampires and lycans storylines of the 2005 onwards time periods?

I mean, I get that they'd been repeating the zombie outbreak plot to death by then, but taking it to the level they eventually did, well... it left me unsettled. It just felt pretty silly once they introduced that vampire mistress nicknamed Lady D, which gained popularity through memes. But it was really kind of daft all the same, considering RE moved away from the George Romero style offerings in favour of this fantasy nonsense.

RE8 also feels way too similar to RE4 in general. Because the lycans attack you just like the village people, but then they make a speedy exit. The vibes I got were that they were trying to do a RE4 clone before they intendeded to release the RE4 remake.

So many aspects felt recycled, in my opinion.


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