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What Kind of Music Makes You Relax?

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What tunes melt away your stress like butter on a hot pan? Whether it's classical compositions, lo-fi beats, or the gentle strumming of acoustic guitars, I want to know the soundtrack to your relaxation. Share your go-to songs or playlists that transport you to a state of tranquility.

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Enigma is master class music. It's been a while since I listened to New Age music. It always had a more special place in my heart. And it's not just a solo thing. We used to camp out with friends back in the day, and it seemed natural for everyone to love Enigma, laying in the grass, looking up at the stars, little boombox cd player. I still have cd's from 30 years ago. Men today are cowards to listen to new age; they are insecure of their masculinity. But we all know it's natural to love Enigma, to love new age. Humans didn't start out playing hard rock. We used raw instruments to make sounds that pleased us. We built drums, then other instruments. We put our souls to sound. And when we developed technology, we integrated those sounds with technology, New Age music. Anyone who doesn't like it is a farce. It's natural like love for bacon. It's pancakes with syrup with a glass of berry juice. It's fajitas. It's beef and broccoli, it's angel hair pasta, brisket, pizza, a pool of watermelon. 


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When it comes to listening to music and relaxing, I would have to say that any music that is my favourite or from my favourite artists is music I can relax to. 

Just recently I have been enjoying listening to BTS, and the members of BTS with their solo music, that has been nice to chill out and relax to whilst listening. 

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