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Gatekeeping in Gaming Communities

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Hey everyone! Have you ever come across gatekeeping in gaming communities? Whether it's dismissing newcomers, questioning someone's gamer credentials, or excluding certain groups, tell us some of your experiences. Let's discuss how gatekeeping affects our enjoyment of gaming and what we can do to create more inclusive spaces.

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I guess I have been snooty about Resident Evil, making me a gatekeeper too. But I just think that anybody who says RE4 or the RE Engine games were their first experience with the franchise are missing out, because the old games were way better. 😔

The remakes are mostly rubbish, you see. The RE3 remake doesn't include the clock tower section. You just see it in the distance, and Nemesis looks dumb when he morphs into the jelly blob thing he is in the latter half of the game. But there was a lot of other cut content too, so I believe the complaining about this stuff is justified.

I hate typos. 🫢


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I just find using phones to type so nippy.
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