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Nostalgia Alert: What's the first game you ever fell in love with?

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What's the first game that stole your heart and got you hooked on gaming? Was it a classic like Super Mario Bros., or perhaps a hidden gem that holds a special place in your heart. Share your first gaming love and let's reminisce about those unforgettable moments

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On 4/27/2024 at 4:09 PM, Kennysplash said:

I will say Tetris. I was still very young then, but I got so hooked to it that I was eventually cautioned. That was my very first video game, and I wanted more. 

I used to love playing Tetris when I was much younger as well. Mario Bros on the Nintendo System was my first love as a video game. I used to play that with my father as a baby and that's what got me hooked on videogames.

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