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Longer or shorter games, which one do you prefer?

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I can have a really short attention span, especially for the single player games. I can play for minutes intermittently than sit down for hours. This mostly makes me opt for the shorter games, that I can finish in half an hour at most. 
But I can come back some hours later and pick up another. 
Would you rather play long hours at a stretch or intermittently? 


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Quality over quantity.  I understand the idea of feeling ripped off by a game because it lacks content, especially for a single player, but judging the quality of a game by it's length is a ludicrous trend.  I would rather have a few hours of engaging, interesting content that has an impact over 60 hours of grind and pointless padding.

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Generally I prefer 40 hours or less for an RPG, and 12 hours or less for anything else. If I spend 100+ hours on a game I want it to be because I enjoy the game and played it multiple times, not because the devs didn't know how to trim pointless fluff out of the game.

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