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Have you listened to AI generated music?

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While browsing Youtube I noticed a video titled "What if AI made a Sonic The Hedgehog theme song?" so I had to check it out. Surprisingly the song was pretty good, there were a few parts of the song that it was obvious that a AI created it and it was trying it's hardest to rhyme so some of the lyrics don't make sense. There's also a part of the song that reminded me of the voices used in Tomodachi Life which gave me a bit of a chuckle. Anyways have you listened to any AI generated music before? Here's a link to the AI generated Sonic theme song if you're interested in listening to it.


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Yes I have and some of them are good but they still don't come near to some of the best underground music out there. Ai will probably be better than mainstream music pretty soon as mainstream music is mostly trash nowadays.

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