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Knight Plug

Resident Evil could be remade again...

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This is gonna be crap. I just know it.


I'm not trying to be a hater, but Capcom remade a lot of games in recent years, but omitted a lot of what was in the originals. So I don't see the point. But I have long believed they're just money hungry and lacking the passion to do RE games with meaningful storylines.

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I do think that these early RE games needed a serious revamp to appeal to modern audiences.  Back then the solution to make the games tense and desperate through the controls were born, at least in part, out of the limitations of the technology of the time.  In other words, I do not fully agree with you @Knight Plug on Capcom's motivation for remastering these games.  What additions and omissions that have happened to these remasters I feel are born out of a genuine motive to modernise them whilst still trying to maintain the atmosphere.


Having said that, It's been 9 years (Correct me if I'm wrong) since RE1 was remastered.  Whilst that wasn't exactly yesterday, a modern revamp of the original Resident Evil does seem kind of unnecessary. I would much rather see Code Veronica X get the treatment that have it happen to RE1 again because I feel that game was made by a capcom that wanted to modernise Resident Evil but didn't have a clear focus on how to do it.  I go into to this in more detail on this thread, but here's the relevant part of that post again:


On 3/30/2024 at 11:08 PM, Shagger said:

I thought Code Veronica X was really underrated.  True, there wasn't much of a leap in terms of gameplay improvements from the PS1 that probably should have been there.  Capcom did try to evolve Resident Evil but then just decided to turn those projects into thier own games not once, but twice (Onimusha: Warlords and Devil May Cry, both of which came just one year after Cove Veronica X).  It seems to me Capcom wanted to move Resident Evil forward but didn't really know how they wanted to do it.  So I suppose it's little surprise that they ended up making what was basically RE2 again with updated graphics, but that ruined this game's reputation. The world was seeing what this new generation of console (The PS2 especially) as well as what Capcom themselves were capable of at the time, so I can understand why some people felt let down by Code Veronica X.


However, give this game the remake treatment that the other RE games have been given and I'm all for it.


I genuinely feel that with a Code Veronica X remaster Capcom could pull a Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age and bring us the game it was always meant to be. Again correct me if I'm wrong, but that game IS Leon's origin in the RE universe, so with how popular RE4 is I suspect there would be a lot of interest in that.  But hey, what to I know.

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Posted (edited)

I think CV is underrated, but Capcom likes to act all pinchbeck and make out it's a spin off. I know it never had a number in the name other than that 'X' in the ports, but it has well and truly always served as the genuine sequel to RE2. It was also arguably the last genuinely atmospheric RE game. I mean, RE4 is very action heavy, but even 4 can be creepy at times. But 5 and all that were lame.

The thing that irritates me with RE as a whole is that they had the city nuked in the ending to RE3 and now Capcom is milking the series to its doom. It is a city that's long gone, so any current storylines need not revolve around it so much. But a lot of their awful RE spin offs and so on keep providing the same plot aspects to basically reveal how Raccoon City was overwhelmed by the zombies, and whatnot. Rehashing what we know already, which is more or less not needed this far into the future, since Wikipedia covers everything anyway.

Some 20 odd years later, and it just makes me wanna yawn my head off with disgust. Then you have the fans who never bashed the RE4 remake for having cut content. It's also pretty woke and not nearly as good as the 2005 version. Yet it's somehow okay for them to call RE3 trash, just because the original RE3 was never as well received as RE2 was in the 90s. When didn't the remakes of RE2 and 4 undergo lots of changes just like 3 did?

Just stupid nitpicking from people online such as the users on GameFAQs, who clearly began their RE experience with 4 and not the PS1 era games. They hate the viewpoint and the tank controls, yet RE4 actually still has tank controls, as does RE5. It was RE6 that began allowing gamers to move 'n shoot at things for a change. It felt much better, too. No longer did you feel like a muscle dummy with bad aiming. Yet 6 was panned, and pretty badly at that.


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