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Ubisoft's The Division Heartland Officially Cancelled

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Ubisoft has decided to cancel the upcoming Division Heartland game. I didn't even know that this game was announced back in 2021, but I guess it's been in the works since then. It was also their attempt to make their own free-to-play game in the series. Me thinks a live service game most likely. Ubisoft will instead put their resources into the upcoming XDefiant free-to-play game, and some to Rainbow Six Siege. 

The good news for Division fans, is that Ubisoft still looks to be working on a Division 3. 

Read more on this news here: https://mp1st.com/news/the-division-heartland-officially-cancelled

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Posted (edited)

I remember the announcement and the empty void of nobody caring that followed.  Not exactly sad to see it cancelled.

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Honestly, I didn't even care if another Division game was being worked on. The first one was so boring and repetitive that I dropped the series altogether. If Ubisoft wanted to cancel a series, this is the first one I wanted to go.

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