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Bungie wins against cheat site

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Bungie has won its court battle against cheat and mod site, AimJunkies.

As reported by journalist Stephen Totilo, AimJunkies, aka Phoenix Digital, was instructed to pay the Destiny 2 developer $63,210 in damages – that's the revenue the company is thought to have earned selling the cheats – setting a new precedent in what's thought to be the first lawsuit wherein a jury has ruled on a game-cheating case.


Wow, do you think this might stop players from using cheat sites??  

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I take no issue with Bungie taking cheat sites down and taking them to court, what I'm concerned about is the court system's ignorance in the difference between cheating and modding in future cases.  I can see companies like Nintendo, Rockstar and possibly even Bethesda taking modders to court over perfectly innocent fan-made content for games because of these companies intention to monetise DLC and even mods themselves.  I'm happy to see cheat sites be taken down and held accountable, but we could be sitting atop a very slippery slope. 

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I don't support cheat sites, but I'm so worried about the implications of this court case. It means we can't really draw the line between cheating and modding. Here is my take- Modding and cheating are not the same thing at all and we should differentiate them. 


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