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Trump is a fraud criminal traitor charged with 88 felony charges and found guilty of 34 of them. Trump is a sex offender, a convict, and not only is Trump Organization guilty of fraud, but Trump himself is guilty of fraud. Trump is compromised and the way I see it, he's a straight up sellout to the USA. He might even be a spy for Putin to ruin America. He has no loyalties, except for Russia. Watch him flee to Russia when he knows he's guilty of all the rest of his charges. No morality. He's a sociopath that quotes Hitler now. He dreams of being like Hitler. But he's such a clown painting his face orange hopping and skipping like the rest of the republicans and their clown show. Trump is a piece of shit that cheated on all his wives. That is what republicans worship, in the name of christianity of course. 


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There are some Republicans who still believe that Donald Trump will still have a shot at the Presidency, and I am looking at how that would be possible at the end of the day. I feel being guilty of these charges will do Trump no good at all.

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