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Is there any game you're so good at, that you could win a competition or tournament?

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Is there any games you think you could win in a competition or tournament? Maybe it's something like Call of Duty, Overwatch, Smash Brothers, etc. But is there a game you feel you could realistically win a competition in? Back in the day I used to think I was the best at WWE Smackdown Here comes the Pain. I played the hell out of that game, so much so that it made me think I was good. But, I never played it competitively online or against others. 

Is there that one game you think you've mastered enough to be good in a tournament/competition for it?

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As much as I would like to see Fortnite, seeing how the pro's play in tournaments on that game, there is zero chance I would be able to compete against that. 

Call of Duty is a game I used to play a lot and was a game I felt I could go into competitions and tournaments with around 6 years ago now but I have since taken a long break from Call of Duty and know I would be rusty. If I were to get back into Call of Duty with Black Ops 6 and got back to how I used to play, that could be a possibility if I ever wanted to compete.

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