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Life is Strange: Double Exposure

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Life is Strange is back with an all new story for Max Caulfield. I really liked the first Life is Strange game, but didn't play the last game True Colors, though I would like to eventually. I think I played Before the Storm as well, but I don't remember. That came a little after Life is Strange. This new game brings Max back, and it seems she is experiencing a co-dimension where in one her friend is dead and in the other she is still alive. I probably did an awful job explaining it, so I'll let the trailer do it. 

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I'm not surprised to see the series fall back on the original protagonist.  Life is Strange 2 and True Colours were OK, but Before the Storm was crap.  The point is that the games haven't really hit the same peak that they did with the original, so of course they will use the original as a crutch.


That is not a good a good sign, and not just because it's the hallmark of a developer that doesn't have great confidence in themselves to create something new. It's also concerning because it's Deck Nine at the helm this time, the same developer that made a complete mess of BTS.


To be clear, it's not that they made a complete mess of BTS that concerns me, it's why they made a complete mess of it that worries me.  I go into more detail about it on this thread if anyone wants to check it out, but to cut a long story short Deck Nine robbed the player of choice in Before the Storm because of thier own selfish desire to canonise thier own interpretation of something refenced in the original game.  Whether one agrees with that interpretation or not, that is unacceptable in a game of this type.  BTS was less like a proper prequel and more like a fan-fiction.  A very well produced fan fiction, but a fan-fiction none the less.


And now, given the how open ended the original finished, they are going to have to canonise one path or the other again and I have no faith in this developer's ability to do that.  I feel that they are more likely to mess this up than get it right.  Maybe they won't bother and just give the game an entirely new setting and not address the originals ending at all, but then we are back to the rather cowardly mentality that likely led them to bring back that aforementioned crutch of the original protagonist in the first place.   Sorry, but as much as I loved the original, I just can't see this going well.


Plus, Deck Nine were actually prejudiced, abusive bastards as a company.

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As someone who enjoys the Life Is Strange games, I am happy to see another release from them and can't wait to jump into this game. The trailer looks awesome and I do like the way they have gone with this game. Should be a great game. 

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