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Dystopika - New Cyberpunk City Creator

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This looks like it might be a relaxing game to play. It's essentially a city builder like Sim City, but the only intent is to just build. Like you're playing with LEGOs and just making whatever you want. I can see it being relaxing to play. I would like to see more from it, seems like it could get boring kind of fast. it comes out on the 21st via Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2379910/Dystopika/

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Not even one second into the video and I'm already seeing an issue.  The UI scaling is terrible.  To clarify, this is an issue that can happen when you run games at high resolutions. The user interface (UI) effectively shrinks to a point whare you can barely see it because the textures that make up the UI, the icons, the text and so on, aren't made up of enough pixels to cover that specified area of the screen. This typically happens on older games when one tries to run them at resolutions they were never really made for, but for a new game in 2024, even an indie title, this is unacceptable.


I found this screenshot of the same game online that is at 1080p.  I want to draw your attention to the icons to the upper-left of the screen in both @Kane99's video and in this image.  Can you see how much clearer the icons are in the image below?




Developers get round this problem by including alternate textures for the UI for different graphics settings.  These textures typical get applied automatically, and since I find hard to believe the uploader of this video actually wanted the icons on his UI to be this small, I have to assume the developer just didn't bother to include larger icons for 4K set ups.


If I was using a 4K system, this would render game pretty much unplayable for me.  Yes, my PC isn't 4K capable, but that's not the point.  I would still not want to buy this out of principle until this was fixed.

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This looks interesting. I do like how it has that Cyberpunk style look to it. I love games like this, as you say, they are games to play when you want to chill out and relax, these kinds of games I have found game be addictive as well. 

Looking forward to seeing how this game is and how popular it becomes. 

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This game got me stoked. I can already imagine myself building a metropolis with just pure creative freedom. It's really awesome 😎

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