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Would you rather be a popular influencer or a popular politician?

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Being a popular influencer means that you have power of the crowd as you are going to have millions of people following your channels online. They are going to be like your own army whenever there is something you want to stress for the world to see or know.

A powerful politician is someone who holds an office where he has the power to rule. If you are presented with the choice of being one of them, which one are you going to choose? 

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Neither. Most influencers are immoral and on the payroll of companies to push whatever agenda they want. In addition to that, I like my privacy and don't like being in the public eye all the time. Politicians are ten times worse, they'll do or say anything to stay in power. They usually screw over a lot of people to get to where they are as well.

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If I was given the choice of both of these and I had to make a decision, I would be more inclined to choose the influencer choice than the political choice. 

I am not someone who is into politics, I know what I need to know and that is it. I couldn't be someone who was popular in politics but as an influencer, that is much different. 

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