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IGN Instructed and Even Offered Prizes for Crowd to Cheer During Phil Spencer and Other Live Interviews

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IGN recently did a live interview with Phil Spencer and I guess they gave the audience free stuff to cheer. 

He was asked about the recent studio closures, and pretty much avoided the question saying how he felt bad about having to make cuts. And after that answer the crowd cheers. 

According to one of the attendees they (IGN) were giving out free prizes, some prizes being gaming headsets and other times 5 hour energy lol, ok. Supposedly the people who cheered the loudest win better prizes. 

They probably should have told the audience when not to cheer though, because this was definitely not the right moment. 

Xbox and Phil Spencer should not be cheered for how they've handled the recent studio closures and layoffs. Just not a good look. 


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Is this really so different to the audience prompts and cues that happen in television literally all the time?  At least the audience got something out of it other than an NDA.  I'm not saying it's right, I'm just pointing out that it's not completely fair to single out the gaming industry and mainstream game's journalism for this.

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This does not surprise me at all in the slightest. I feel this tends to be something that happens more often than it is made public but most of the time, they find a way to keep it away from the public limelight and many believe that the cheers and claps are real rather than forced.

It is a shame that cheering occurred when the mention of studio closures happened, that is not something that should be cheered. 

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