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Crime Boss: Rockay City

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Has anyone hear played Crime Boss: Rockay City yet? It's a first person, heist shooter style game. The cool thing about it though, is that it has an odd cast of famous people. Like Chuck Norris and Michael Madsen. Its available for PS5, series x|s, and now on PC as well. 



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I am familiar with this, and I don't think there was any point from it's embarrassing announcement at The Game Awards 2022 by a barely coherent Michael Madsen;



To it's subsequent trailers then finally to the release of the game itself where it was well received by anyone.  Even IGN slammed it when it first came out;



And I have a very hard time believing it's gotten better to the point whare it might be worth playing in the last 15 months.  Honestly, this is one to avoid.

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