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Should I move on from this YouTuber?

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There's a guy on YouTube who I've been donating to for over 4 years. I first started supporting him in 2020 when the Resident Evil 3 remake was about to be released, and you could talk to him using Skype.

The guy has a reputation for being crazy and repeating himself, but nobody takes him seriously anyway. They know he just messes around, so people know his amusing lines off by heart by now. He also always uses the same type of thumbnails on his videos.

The thing is, he just insults his audience now. He called me a simp once, but I accepted he may have just been having an off day, so I never challenged the rude remark at the time. But when I donate £2 sometimes, he complains about being interrupted and expects higher amounts, instead of just being grateful he got a tip from a fan. Or he moans that people don't watch him enough, when he has well over 5K followers now, I think. But you can tell he's a grumpy nerd who thinks this gaming related ranting is his full-time job, or whatever.

I don't watch all his streams as some games or subjects he covers just isn't my thing, which is fine. But a lot of people heard him calling me a loser live recently, so they suggested I unsub from him. Also, a guy who used to occasionally broadcast alongside him was covering his bad attitude recently and seemed surprised he was talking trash about a lot of us, as we had been pledging to him for ages. 

I must have donated hundreds of pounds to him already, for the engagement. But nothing lasts forever, I guess. I'm not obligated to hang around to be insulted, nor am I anybody's kick bucket or pay pig.

If he doesn't care any more, why should I? My cash could go to any number of other pursuits.



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I am all for supporting streamers and content creators but if it gets to the point where they take their supporters for granted and will openly talk about them when they are not around thinking they will get away with it. 

I would stop subbing and stop supporting but that is just me. You have to look at how it makes you feel and what you could do with those extra funds if you stopped. You can guarantee that when you stop, they'll realize but by then it is too late. 

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You probably should. It doesn't make any sense to support someone who doesn't respect the people that supporting him and keeping him relevant on the said platform. There are lots of upcoming YouTubers who could possibly provide with more wholesome and meaningful content who need the support.

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