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On what system are you gaming the most?


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I always have played on PC. Never really had a Playstation or Xbox. I like to use a mouse and keyboard to play with and I feel like it's the best. And most of the games which I play aren't available for consoles.

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I rarely play games, but when I do (sorry to sound like the liquor commercial 😀), I play the original Wii.  But anyhow, it has the cool games I like which are: the Mario Adventure Series, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart.   I mean, what else do you need?

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I've got all the modern consoles but I play Switch most of all. It's so convenient for my lifestyle. If I'm on the train to work - Switch. If I'm chilling on the coach - Switch. Someone wanting to use the TV - Switch. And it has such a solid library even after just a year. Just picked up Octopath Traveller and it's such an amazing throwback to old-school JRPGs. Would recommend.

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