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Hardbass music?

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Hard bass is not the kind of music I can listen to for long periods of time. I can sit and listen to one song of hard bass and then I have to move back to something that is more chilled, and less bass I guess is a good way of putting it. I actually watch a stream on Mixer and one viewer that comes in quite regularly seems to be a huge fan of Russian Hard Bass and tends to request it a whole lot, safe to say I can only tolerate it for so long before I am having to mute once they start requesting that.

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On 1/1/2021 at 4:44 AM, Peterlight said:

You can try Nicki Minaj super base or sound the alarm.

Real base can destroy your deck.

I learned that the hard way trying to play Mike Jones Still Tippin on an old sound system I had and it ended up costing me hundreds of dollars.

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