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Backwards Compatibility

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A friend sold me his PS3 for cheap with a bunch of games last year, and since then, I’ve fallen in love with my PS3 games. The thing is, I have zero extra space where I live, so I can’t really buy a PS4 unless I was willing to give up my PS3 and 1-live without a lot of games I enjoy, and 2-spend more money buying remasters of those which are available. I’ve opted not to do this.But that means I can’t play any PS4-only titles for the indefinite future.

Does anyone not  find the lack of backwards compatibility in PS4 maddening? I really, really hope they change this with PS5. But what are the odds they will? I think they have to if they want to stay competitive with Microsoft. What do you all think? 

For those of you who bought a PS4 and got rid of your PS3, what games do you miss the most? Are you happy with your decision, or do you sometimes regret it? If PS5 isn’t backwards compatible, will you still buy it?

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it points more and more to Sony making the PS5 backwards compatible because as you said because we do enjoy our classics and without some of those classics the versions of today would be nowhere and let's say worth nothing in terms of not just content but the genuine admiration of the franchise

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I didn't get rid of my PS3 when I got my PS4 but I still find it annoying having to unplug / replug the consoles whenever I want to play my old ones.

If they didn't want to do via hardware they could take the Xbox One approach and give you a digital copies of the PS3 games you own.

The biggest problem I can think of is that the PS3 had a number of SPUs that the PS4 doesn't have, making it better at doing certain tasks. If a game is heavy on those tasks then they may run worse on PS4. 

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