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Best ending in a video game?

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In recent memory, Wolfenstein II had an amazing ending. Definitely worth the entire experience.

I also loved the ending to the original Tomb Raider II game, where you fight some bad guys in Lara's mansion and nearly get to see her naked before she asks "don't you think you've seen enough?" and shoots the camera with a shotgun. Ahhh, good times.

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I picked FF8 because I personally don't know what it's like to actually have a friend, being as that I've never had one. And for those wondering, no it wasn't due to my temper and violent tendencies. I was that one kid in class that no one liked. Including the teachers and other staff. From kindergarten up until I couldn't take it anymore and dropped out, I never once had a friend. But when I found FF8, I saw what it could be like for a person if they had a friend. Whereas, all I ever saw was my fathers fists. I guess you could say FF8 holds a special place in my heart for that simple reason.

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