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Games that made you think about moral choices?

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I think video games are a great lens through which to ask challenging moral questions—especially those which put the player in a position of needing to make a complex moral choice (sometimes where there is no clear “right” answer).

For me, so far I’ve gotten the most out of Dragon Age: Origins in this respect. Oftentimes the “right” choice seemed simple enough to me, but the hard part was following through knowing that my party members would be angry with me.  

What games have challenged your moral assumptions, or helped you gain perspective on moral choices in some way?

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Definitely The Walking Dead. Just recently I had to stop and think about a situation in Witcher 3:

Kill 5 guys to save one life, but that one life will allow a monster to kill a villager as a sacrifice whenever it needs it. OR

Let the guys kill the one, and the monster won't have its sacrifice and will hunt whenever it wants.

Doesn't look like there's a win to me. I chose to save the one guy and killed the 5 because he was unarmed against 5. And the monster will have its appetite fulfilled instead of going on a rampage. 

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My personal morals, or the morals people would expect? Because that would make a monumental difference.

For instance, I hate having to be the protagonist in every game, no matter how much I like the game. I want the option of being the antagonist. Which is the reason I love Hatred so much. If I knew of a game where I had the option of going either way, then I would definitely be checking that out. But most likely due to me being a classic gamer, none come to mind.

RDR2 has a bit of that in a way, but there is still the story to follow. About a week ago, I started a file with 2 objectives. Kill every person I see, and also make as much cheddar as possible. And I've found a glitch that is letting me build up that kind of bank fairly quick. Well, quicker than just looting bodies anyway.

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