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PS4 Pro or Xbox One X?

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Purely from a hardware perspective, the Xbox One X is a beast and is undoubtedly more powerful than Sony's offering. But I'd actually opt for the PS4 Pro for one reason: Games. 

There's just not that much to play on Xbox One imho. 

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Let's take a look at some specifications.  The Xbox One X all the way for me and I would defintely recommend it to anyone who is considering to buy it. Your paying 100$ more, but your Here are the specs and this proves the reason behind my opinion (Which is better!). 

  1. CPU (2.3GHz compared to 2.1GHz)
  2. GPU (6 teraflops compared to 4.2)
  3. RAM ( 12GB compared to 8GB)


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I personally myself would definitely recommend the Xbox One X. It seems to be a lot more stable than the PS4 Pro and also with the recent hacks that Sony and Playstation seem to have gone through and also the constant outages they have as well, it definitely seems like Xbox and Microsoft are the more stable company to go with for a lot more reasons other than just the 4K aspect of things.

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