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Curavity - Brain Puzzle Game

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In this brain puzzle game, you control the black cube. 

It might seem easy but every level has it's own special exciting challenge and has to complete in specific time to get 3 stars of it which needs experience and skill to get it done. With more skill and experience you can do it.

Let's see if you can get 3 stars for each level.

Note*: You have to be smart to complete this game, if you're not, don't get it.

How to play?
By touching (not swiping) left or right half of your screen, your view will rotate and make cube move towards the direction of gravity that is always pointing downside of your screen.


Very strong physics in gameplay.

The player can Share scores with friends.

Brain training and creativity.

No pop up ads in the game (to distract your brain).

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You can download it from link below:

Download Curavity


Enjoy this brain puzzle game.

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