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Shazam or search?

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When you hear a song you like and you don't know what it is, what do you use to find out the name of the song? Do you use a program like Shazam, or do you just remember a few lyrics and type it into Google?

I'm a Google kind of girl.

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Shazam. If I have no reception to use it then I write down a few words on my notepad since I know that if I get home I'll forget 😄

Fun story: Once I heard an amazing song in a cafe and I went over to the guy that chose the music but he couldn't tell me its name cause he was using a burned cd and it was titled as Track 12. I had a few lyrics written down and I spent the next few days furiously searching for it. Nothing EVER came up. Fast forwarding to 4 years later, still casually looking for it while I have the music and lyrics in my head, I move to a new town. After the furniture setting I turn on the TV and fall asleep on the couch. In my sleep I hear it and jump up and look at the screen. It was used as background movie for a TV trailer for I am Legend. Long story short, I got dressed, took my laptop and head over to the nearest place with WiFi. I searched for: song playing during I am Legend trailer on Star TV in Greek or something like that and surprisingly I FOUND IT IN A FORUM 😮

I'm in love with it ever since! It was Lights by Archive ❤️

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In my experience, they have similar accuracy, with Shazam being slightly better, But there have been multiple songs Google couldn't identify at all, while Shazam could.

The biggest differentiator, though, is speed. Shazam usually takes three seconds or less, while Google usually needs 10+ seconds (unless it's something already on the on-device database).

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