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What would younger you think of present you?

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I would say a younger me wouldn't be disappointed but a younger me may wish that I was making more changes so that I can succeed in what I am wanting to succeed in. As it stands right now I think a younger me would say I am too nice to so many people and that me putting myself first more would benefit me more to succeed and get to where I want to be. I am in the process of making changes myself and would hope that younger me would be proud of that when I finally make those changes and start to succeed.

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Younger me would have conflicting feelings. In one hands, younger me would be happy to see me doing so well in life (especially working from home, she'd piss herself from happiness). On the other hand, she'd also really sad cause I don't like lots of things younger me used to cherish (eg. Im not a cat's person anymore) and things that've happened to my mental health... younger me never used to be disturbed my such things.

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