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The Blackangel


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Ave all,

I am The Blackangel. I'm 36, live in Missouri USA, and have been in love with video games for about 30 years. While I do play just a touch of more modern games (God Of War nut here), I stick to the old cartridge systems. NES, SNES, N64, and Sega Genesis mostly. Portable I play GameBoy. I personally hated both Gamecube and the Wii. They did have a couple decent games respectively, but in general I just didn't want anything to do with either. Also I have always hated Xbox.

What I like pretty much sticks to the fantasy realm. Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, that type of thing. I only have 3 PS1 games. Monopoly, FF8, and Castlevania Symphony Of The Night. I love FF8 and Castlevania. Both beautiful games. Aside from a few of the early Final Fantasy games, FF8 is the only one I have found that I like. I hated FF7, and FF9 was way too cartooney for me. FF-X and X2 aren't bad. I've never had any experiences with FF11 or FF12. FF13 was an abomination. I hate online gaming, so I'm not on FF14. FF15 has some beautiful graphics, but I haven't played it much.

If it is of any interest to anyone I can include a list showing my video game library, at some point. i have them all listed in alphabetical order and by system. Well over 100 titles.


If there is anything I left out that anyone is interested in, let me know and I will answer as best I can. I have always sucked at introductions, so I'm sure this is no exception.




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