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Fallout 76: Flop Or Success?

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With the recent launch of the new fallout game there's been a lot of discussion as to if you should buy it or not considering the fact they had switched the whole game up and turned it into a survival based game. I only played fallout 4 and I'm gonna be completely honest I was hooked to the story so much I replayed the game multiple times just to get the ending, that's how I became a fan. Anyway, there's alot of minor and major flaws with the game that I'm sure can easily be fixed if time is taken to properly fix it. 

Do you think it's a flop or a success? I personally don't know yet I don't do ratings off of gameplay, I rather play it myself first.

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It’s hard to tell as it’s early days yet. Still want to play it and I need to check out some reviews. From the buzz surounding it, my gut says it’ll be fine and sell quite well. I don’t think it’ll be a flop but like I said, I think it’s still very early days.

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