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Games with truly spectacular settings?

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I’ve been playing Bioshock Infinite for the first time, and I am totally blown away by the setting. As beautiful as a lot of game settings are, this one somehow seems to go further. It is arguably the most atmospheric game I’ve played since Myst way back in the 1990s. Columbia is both stunning and grotesque. It attracts and repulses you at the same time. Its visual beauty is at constant odds with its cultural hideousness. You get a real sense for ominous vastness both in terms of its physical scale and the immensity of its oppression.

Can anyone suggest other games which are equally atmospheric and have such detailed and well-developed settings?

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Silent Hill has always struck me as an impressive setting. Perhaps not in its grandiosity, but more in how it revels in the normal/ordinary and twists our preconceptions of a "normal" seaside town into this nightmarish otherworldly HP Lovecraft-esque vision. It's incredible, really. Every time I see fog, I think of Silent Hill now. That's the sign of an iconic game.

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