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The Most Expensive New Video Games in Price

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Most new video games now range in different prices with some of them ending up being around £100 ($130) just for one game because it's a digital deluxe edition or something. I think the most recent two games that came out that I can think of, Battlefield V and Call of Duty Black Ops 4 were ranging anything from about £59.99 - £100 depending on what version you went for. If you went for the most expensive you would end up with early access to the game or with something else extra such as COD points, access to the DLC without paying extra or some other perk that someone who bought the least expensive would get.

I personally think when games do this though and charge different prices they split the gaming community for that game especially if one person gets all DLC and someone else can not quite afford that DLC.

Are the prices justified? Definitely not.. all you are paying is for the game files and some extra perks, I am pretty sure a lot of companies over charge just to make that extra buck because they know people will buy it.

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Truth is, video games cost A LOT of money to make. Video games haven't really increased in price compared to general inflation. However, our expectations for the quality of a video game has changed DRASTICALLY. Overall, I think video games are pretty cheap these days imho. Games will probably have to go up in price slightly next gen. 

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Nintendo Switch games are waaaay to pricey. The bad thing is THEY DON'T DROP EITHER. I'm constantly at war in my mind about games that I like for the Switch and whether or not they're worth the money. For instance, I believe that the new Pokemon isn't worth 60 dollars but could easily get it for 35 to 40. I know that it won't happen before next year and it frustrates me 😕

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