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What do you look for in a shooter?

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If you’ve seen any of my posts over the past two weeks, you probably know I’m currently obsessed with Bioshock Infinite (I’m not quite done yet, so nobody give me any spoilers).

Anyway, I saw some criticism of the game somewhere involving it not being much of a challenge from a tactical standpoint, and being quite repetitious in terms of combat encounters. I could see where they were coming from, but I couldn’t see being negative about the game because of it. The strengths of the game are its setting, characters and story. The combat (to me) serves the purpose mainly of increasing immersion and also giving me time to process new information.

Obviously what I look for in a shooter is a lot different from what that person does. Then again, I am not sure I would consider Bioshock Infinite a traditional shooter anyway. The shooting is an element of the game, not its main purpose for existing.

But if I were playing a multiplayer arena-style game without a plot, I’d be very focused on mechanics, and would demand something tactically more varied/interesting.

It got me wondering what everyone here looks for in a FPS game?

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Whenever I play an FPS I always look at how the game is as a whole and how the community is. I hate to play an FPS that is somewhat a mess in terms of playing to the point of where other players seem to always have the advantage over on you and you really don't stand a chance. Something like Overwatch is perfect! It's balanced enough that every player has a fair advantage. I feel Call of Duty has not quite got the balance right at least that is one game I can think of right now that has that case.

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1. Character customization/gender - The ability to play as a female and customize her is important to me, purely for personal reasons.

2. Akimbo guns - Visually looks way more interesting than just single-wielding guns. Any shooter with dualwielding easily ends up being played a lot for me and some of my favourite shooters ever have akimbo guns in them. It's often a deciding factor for how much I will enjoy a shooter, but not necessarily if other elements are good.

3. Gameplay variety - I love shooters that mix stealth, combat and exploration. Games like Deus Ex, Wolfenstein and Killzone: Mercenary being prime examples.

4. Graphics - Not necessarily the biggest deciding factor for me but first person shooters thrive on immersion and the more immersive it is graphically, the better.

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