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Gaming Disorder.

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The World Health Organization actually labeled a gaming addiction as a disorder. Do you agree with this? I completely do. You experience range when you lose multiple times in a row, or at least I do. And if my girlfriend tells me I can't play I miss it and experience withdrawal. I get angry until I can play, even if it's for a minute or two. It's disgusting. lol


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I agree with this and think it's a good thing to have in place if I am honest. All too often people get way to addicted to gaming in a way that it becomes unhealthy and that is when some kind of help should come into play. Spending time on video games but knowing when to take a break shows signs of a healthy way of gaming but when you get to the point where you game for hours up on hours and you don't know when to stop and it starts affecting your life bad, you know you have an issue. Usually people who continuously play games and don't know when to stop are those who are suffering mentally with issues, getting help is always better than shutting off even if sometimes shutting off feels like the better option.

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Yes, I believe gaming is a mental health disorder, why? Here are three main reasons. This isn't to say Gaming is bad for you, but it's like anything, in moderation and you'll be okay. Get support and help here if you suffer.

  • Prioritize gaming over interests and hobby's which are considered to be good for the mind
  • Prioritizing video games over your mental and physical health(Lack of sleep and shortage of exercise)
  • Developing a negative social relationship with family, work, social, personal, education.


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On 12/29/2018 at 5:32 PM, Jayson said:

It can be, of course, but then again, so is the internet.  Anyway, it's tough to say where it crosses the line from habit to something insane.  Any ideas?

There is something called self-control. What I notice is that every time individuals can't control themselves from doing something, they blame it on some form of disease. When they shoot up an entire school, it is mental illness - When they steal something, it is mental illness - when an individual cannot exercise self-control when playing video games, it is a disorder. There are probably a few instances where it is a general illness but in most cases, you find it is a lack of self-discipline.

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