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Candy Crush

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I remember when it first came out it was like a huge craze! Everyone was playing it on Facebook through either PC or their mobile phone and I remember getting tons of invites to the game back then. I became addicted to it for a while but after a while the addiction died down and I ended up not bothering with it anymore and barely ever get invites for it anymore. I know my Mum and my Grandma still play it every so often but even with them, it soon died down and they stopped playing as much.

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On 9/28/2021 at 4:14 PM, Heatman said:

I seriously detest this game called Candy Crush. I was forced to play it once when I had to teach my mother how to play and ever since then it's not something I would ever play. 

It's not just the game but they used the facebook notifications and the requests part to make it more annoying. 

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1 hour ago, egghead said:

There are a lot of threads on this game. I think moderator needs to merge these threads or lock all threads except one.


57 minutes ago, Head_Hunter said:

Merging all posts with one thread will be better than locking all threads centred around candy crush. 


If you feel there's something we need to do, report it. Don't openly discuss it on the threads without bringing it to our direct attention. This isn't the way we want these things brought to our attention for two reasons.


First, what is often referred to as "backseat moderating" is not permitted by the rules. This in itself is for several reasons, chief among which is reason two here, it delays our response to the issue addressed. It's sheer luck that I even noticed that there was a concern about this issue at all. Either way, I could have, for example, looked into this right away, but not only just sheer luck having to kick in for me to notice the concerns, I then had to type all of this nonsense out to remind you two of the process.


I'll look into either merging or deleting redundant "Candy Crush" threads, but from now on I will expect you and everyone else to make a report on it rather than discuss it on the public threads, is that understood?

Edited by Shagger
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I have noticed that Candy Crush is still something people do play but it doesn't seem as popular as it used to be back when it was first released. When it was first released, I got dragged into the hype and would spend a chunk of time on the game trying to get past levels on it, the levels kept getting more and more difficult to get past and it soon became apparent that I would have to put money into the game for powerups to progress further or stay where I was for a long period. That was when I decided to move away from the game, and I haven't played it in so long now. 

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Candy Crush is so old, it's one of those mobile apps that has been around forever, probably around the time smartphones started, though I may be wrong on that. It's just been around for a long time. I remember when it became popular with the kids, old people started to like it and I think that turned kids off from it haha. 

I remember playing it a little bit, but I didn't think it was that impressive. It's a fine game, just don't think I'll ever play it again. 

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