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WWE 2K18

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I play this game as I'm a wrestling fan. I love the amount of stuff you can do in the game. I like MyCareer a lot as it offers people to become a superstar and follow the career of it. I really like the creation suite in the game, it's amazing! The amount of things you can do in there is wonderful! Like make arenas as an example. I really like the roster size and the universe mode, that's amazing it's where you control WWE and get to make rivalries, shows ect. 

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Okay. I'm kind of digging this idea.

The only wrestling game I ever played was when I was like 9 - and it lead to friends of mine and I starting our own backyard federation and beating the snot out of each other. 🤣


Is John Hennigan/Johnny Nitro/Johnny Mundo/The Friday Night Delight/The Monday Night Delight/The Shaman of Sexy/The Wednesday Night Delight/Johnny Impact/John Morrison/Johnny Blaze/Johnny Spade/Johnny Ultra/The Ambassador of Abdominals/The George Bushy of Tushy/The Ambassador of Abdominals/Prince of Parkour/The Maharaja of Manliness/AB-raham Lincoln/Guru of Greatness in it?

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