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On 10/4/2021 at 2:15 AM, Sharon said:

On the positive side @Reality vs Adventure you probably got amazing deals on PS2 games! When I finally let go of my PS2 and games I'm pretty sure I sold it for $75-$100 along with all of my games collection.

How many games are we looking at that you had sold with your PS2 for the price of $75-$100? 

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So many fantastic games on the PS2.. I spent way too many hours gaming instead of studying back in the day! 😅

I even picked up a slim PS2 again quite recently, after selling my original phat console after all these years just a few months prior. I instantly regretted it, but especially so after discovering OPL works much better over Ethernet than USB or Internal HDD.

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Their is no doubt, I was very much addicted to PS2 console games than any other when I first discovered it early 2011, I bought mine in 2012. The games I love back then via PS2 are; GTA San Andreas, Vice city, Mercenaries, God hand, God of war, Asphalt 2011, Mortar Kombat etc. 

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