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Best gaming Christmas present?

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Christmas is a time for family, friends, giving and... GAMING! i

I remember receiving a SNES from my folks when I was about 11 years old. It  came with Super Mario All Stars and pretty much changed my life. What gaming Christmas present made the most impact on you growing up?

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I would have to say the Sega Master System was the one thing that made a huge impact on me as a child. My parents got me it as a kid to share with my brothers with Sonic The Hedgehog and I always remember Alex The Kidd being built in. Had so much fun playing that console and it was one of the many reasons I became such a huge gamer as I got older! 

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Definitely would be, Grand Theft Auto Five. My parents gifted the present to me in 2014 for Xmas and it had a huge impact on my childhood. Had so much thrill, excitement, and impression out of playing this video game. This is one of the numerous reasons why gaming one of my main hobbies as of today. 

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