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Puzzles in Video Games

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Do you enjoy puzzles in video games, or puzzle games as a genre? Why or why not? What do you look for in a “fun” puzzle?

I have to admit that overall, I am not a fan of puzzles. I find them frustrating, and frequently non-intuitive. Often they have less to do with problem-solving, and more to do with hunting around for things.

For example, I really dislike Skyrim’s puzzles on the whole. They rarely require “clever” thinking, and usually just involve hunting around in the dark for pictures of animals. They make me feel frustrated and trapped.

On the other hand, I don’t mind Fallout’s computer password puzzles at all. You can work through them methodically and logically to get an answer.

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Puzzles in games for me are like a default feature, Zelda games for example are not that hard, the true power of Zelda games are the Puzzles, I remember the Ice blocks puzzle from Twilight princess , I spent about an hour on that puzzle alone, At the end it was something very obvious and stupid, but it was fun and I felt accomplished since I didnt had to resort to the internet for help.

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