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Crushes on video game characters

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All the freaking time. OK, maybe not all the time, but more often than most people. And I'm not ashamed for it, to me this is a testament to well written characters. If my subconscious can't tell that they are fictional.

The first time I remember this happening was with Mona Sax, from Max Payne 2.


I know she was also in the first game, but wasn't as developed as a character there.

Then there was Anna Grimsdottir from the Splinter Cell series.


I know, minor character, but still something about the way she was teasing Sam. I didn't like her makeover in Conviction though.

Next Madison Paige from Heavy Rain


This one is a weird one. Because I was actually dating a girl at the time who had the same interests as Madison (motorcycles and photography), and even looked a bit like her.

And, then there was Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect 2 / 3


I know she is not the most popular LI In the series, but to me her romance story was the most fulfilling in the game. And her character goes through the most development over the series, the rest doesn't really change.

And finally after a long hiatus it happened again, with Abby from The Last of Us 2


That's why the end of the game literally crushed me.

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