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On 1/22/2019 at 3:03 PM, DanTheGamer said:

If the app is free and the ads aren't super intrusive I have no problem with ads. I also prefer the ads to be at least mostly G because I don't want to see ads for Viagra or any porn advertisements...

I agree. If we wanted Viagra ads we would have downloaded the Vi- wait do they have a Viagra app though?🤣

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I don't mind ads to be honest. Few ads here and there are not an issue. As long as the app is bombarded with the ads. And it can be pretty difficult to get things out of it. I know for sure that premium option is always better than ads. But not all of us can afford everything that is walking out there in the play store. I prefer to watch ads to save some amount of money. 

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I think paid games are usually free from ads. I have not seen ads in the game where I have paid. Most likely those games may require you to watch ads in case if there is any free DLC. And that means one has to find premium alternative in such case. Most of the android games don't have that sort of issue from what I have seen so far. Lot of android games are pretty good on that note. 

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