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Tony Hawk Returns to Gaming with Mobile Download

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Trying to get back in the gaming world, Tony Hawk has released a new mobile game called Tony Hawk's Skate Jam. The game was released on Thursday(yesterday) for free on both Android and IOS. After 16 years of releasing game after game after game, Hawk said that releasing a mobile version was just the logical thing to do. 

I personally was a fan of the Tony Hawk games. I loved my Tony Hawk game for GameBoy. It was small and very 90's, but it was fun. 

Anyone tried this game yet, or have plans for trying it?

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I never played it on PS4 but I would think that it wouldn't be bad if it's on such a big platform like that. I'll definitely be checking this out as well. I have some Google Play credits to get rid of and this will be the perfect thing to spend it on. I've always loved Tony Hawk and his games. Games like Jet Moto and Coolboarders have always been my favourite, so a skateboarding game would be a great addition to my collection. 

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